DJ Mncedisi Sindane reportedly dismissed from YFM.


DJ Mncedisi Sindane reportedly dismissed from YFM.

‘He knew how to manipulate the system to play music in his absence while he was partying,’ says a close source on Mncedisi Sindane’s YFM exit.

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YFM radio host DJ Mncedisi Sindane was shown the exit door by the station for allegedly manipulating the system during his graveyard shift.

Reports from close sources to the station have it that he ‘became a ghost’ and could use auto-play in his absence during his show.



ZiMoja has it that DJ Mncedisi Sindane has not been showing up for work in the past few weeks, leading to his firing. A close source revealed that Sindane manipulated the system with auto-play.

The source said, “He knew how to manipulate the system to play music in his absence while he was partying or chilling at home.”

However, the management discovered his dirty deeds after ‘whistleblowers blew his cover behind his back.’ The management reportedly fired him immediately after learning he had been invoicing the station for a job he was not doing.

However, little is known about whether the station will consider a legal route against the 2021 Y’s #Be The Next Radio winner. The station refused to comment on the issue. The station’s manager said, “I have no comment regarding this matter [sic].”

No doubt the story has since thrust the station into top trends. On the other hand, DJ Mncedisi Sindane has yet to break his silence. However, another source from the station revealed that there is more to the story.

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Another source said anonymously, “He loves his job, and there is no way he would jeopardise it like that. There is more to that story than meets the eye.”


Growing up, he starred in several school dramas. While a teen, he had his foot in the entertainment industry; the rest was history. He was also part of VoW FM.

However, DJ Mncedisi Sindane later had his shot at fame when he won the 2021 Y’s #Be The Next Radio. His win saw him join a host of celebrated media personalities who trace their roots back to YFM.

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The station discovered several seasoned on-air hosts, including DJ Sbu, DJ Fresh, Unathi Nkayi, and her ex-husband, Thomas Msengana. However, since joining YFM, he has been winning big. He has managed to spread his wings to small screens and hosting.

His huge following has undoubtedly earned him ambassadorial gigs. Against his newfound fame, he has worked with several brands, including Dometsos. Mzansi has been trying to connect the dots about DJ Mncedisi Sindane’s next stop after his exit from YFM.


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