DJ Speedsta Responds To Being Blamed For Destroying SA Hip Hop.


DJ Speedsta Responds To Being Blamed For Destroying SA Hip Hop.

DJ Speedsta frowns at netizens who blamed him for ruining South African hip-hop. The DJ has been in the game for years, but it hurt him to hear such criticism.

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“SA Hip hop DJs are trash and it all starts with Speedsta and everyone that came up after him, every DJ before then used to respect S.A Hip Hop,” a tweep wrote.

In a now-deleted tweet, Speedsta slammed the Twitter user for rubbishing his many years of work in the game.


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“You must do your job at the highest level for 15 years for somebody to come tell you you aren’t the best carpenter! Be careful of the things you say to people! Don’t just run your mouth nje. Be careful! Might hurt yourself!” he wrote.

“There isn’t a single South African hip-hop DJ out there who plays or speaks or looks or talks or has more than me. I’m off Twitter because I’ll tell you all to go f*ck your dog! Don’t ever In your life play with me!!!! I’m done. Bye.

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“You guys stop booking me, giving me deals, etc because you say ‘he’s a hazard’. I’m an even bigger hazard now!! F*ck you, and your big brand! I build my own sh*t! I’m hip-hop!”


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