DJ Tira accused of sleeping with woman without consent.


DJ Tira accused of sleeping with woman without consent.

DJ Tira is trending after Luke Ntombela alleged that he slept with her without consent, sharing screenshots where Tira seemed to ask her not to expose him.

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Ntombela claims she woke up next to him after getting intoxicated and felt he touched her inappropriately. Social media is divided, with some supporting Tira and others questioning Ntombela’s actions and suggesting she should have sought medical and legal help instead of posting on Facebook.

According to a post shared on X by the popular entertainment blog, MDN News, Luke claimed that she got too intoxicated and the next morning she woke up sleeping next to DJ Tira. She claims that she knew something happened because the star continued to touch her inappropriately.


Taking to her Instagram page, Luke Ntombela shared screenshots of WhatsApp messages that she claimed were from DJ Tira.

The messages showed that Tira knew what had happened between them and begged Luke not to expose him. He even offered her some money to pay for what he did. The chats also revealed that Tira offered the woman a deal to work with her and boost her career.

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According to the screenshots, Luke has been giving Tira enough time to come clean about what happened. Makoya has been going back and forth ( as seen in the screenshots), offering her money and even trying to get her friends to get her into deleting the posts.

After the videos and pictures went viral, social media appears to be divided. Some followers have stated that they would wait for all sides of the story, while others have shown their support for the person who is assumed to be the victim.


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