DJ ZINHLE is still celebrating her second BUNDLE OF JOY

DJ ZINHLE is still celebrating her second BUNDLE OF JOY

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Africa’s number one DJ gave birth to a healthy, bouncy baby girl this week in a Johannesburg hospital, according to reports. Zinhle expresses her gratitude in the early morning hours, dropping hints that the baby girl has arrived.

Her continuous complaints about early mornings during her pregnancy were prepping her for when the baby arrived. At 3 a.m., DJ Zinhle posted on Instagram that she was awake and thinking about food. However, the adoring mother of two daughters expressed her gratitude.

The entrepreneur gave birth to a baby girl the day before she released her maternity images, according to many sources. That would indicate that she gave birth on September 8th. Zinhle gave birth by c-section with her boyfriend by her side, according to Sunday World.

Only close friends, family, and certain crew members from her upcoming reality TV program, DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected, have been notified of the impending arrival, and she intends to make the big announcement when the time comes.

They both announced the baby’s name when they published images from their prenatal photoshoots. They have named their baby girl Asante, which is thought to be a Swahili name. Bongani ‘Murdah Bongz’ Mohosana shared the photo, in which they are both dressed in black from head to toe, along with a small comment that reads, “You stole my heart.” The baby’s name is Asante, and it is written clearly in gold behind them. In the comments section, DJ Zinhle confirmed the name.

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However, it was Kairo Forbes’ post that gave it away. When the big sister stated she was “reporting for BIG SISTER duty!” she implied that her tiny sister had arrived. They had their own picture shoot, but it was in the baby’s nursery room, and they were dressed in white.

Kairo was informed in a child-friendly manner: “Kairo is aware now; we had to tell her in phases and psychologically prepare her by asking her whether she would share her play space and with whom… Zinhle told TshisaLive, “Kairo is a kid…we really had to inform her last.”

Kairo will meet her baby sister when they come home at the end of this week. This is according to a close friend, who told Truelove they would be arriving at the end of the week. “She’ll be back home before the end of the weekend. She’ll take it easy and not put in the same amount of effort as she typically does. According to the insider, Bongani is also hands-on and thrilled to welcome a baby girl.

“She’s a mother already, but she can’t wait to do it all over again. She’s looking forward to seeing how her daughters get along. That’s something she’s always talked about, even during her pregnancy, according to the insider.

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