‘Done being scared’: Elton Jantjies’s ex returns to court for protection order


‘Done being scared’: Elton Jantjies’s ex returns to court for protection order

‘He wants to kill me’: Ashleigh Ogle will return to court to have a protection order made permanent against ex Springbok Elton Jantjies.

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Elton Jantjies’s ex-girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle will return to court on Wednesday, 5 June, to have her interim protection order made final.

The TV personality – who dedicated her recent celebrity boxing match victory to victims of gender-based violence – dated the former Springboks for three months last year. This, following his split from wife Iva Ristic over an alleged affair with team dietician Zeenat Simjee in 2022.


Ashleigh has accused her rugby player ex of domestic abuse, death threats, and using drugs. He has denied the allegations.


In an Instagram Story on Monday, Ashleigh Ogle revealed her plans to return to court over her protection order against Elton Jantjies.

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“Wednesday, we face this battle tall and firm in court. I’m done being scared,” she shared. Ashleigh posted a screenshot of her relationship tell-all, in which she accused the ex Springbok of domestic abuse during their short romance.

The mother-of-one took out a protection order against Elton late last year. She is hoping to make the order a permanent injunction.

Speaking to The South African in November, she said: “This man is out to kill me, and he is very desperate.

“He threatened me and told me I can’t be with anyone else. He will kill me if I moved on. The look on his face scared me and made me believe him.

She added: “It’s absolutely disgusting what kind of man he is to women, and I understand now why Iva moved on.

In her tell-all late last year, Ashleigh made several shocking claims about her ex, including allegations of domestic abuse, substance abuse, and even claims he stalked her.

Elton Jantjiess ex Ashleigh Ogle will return to court to finalise her protection order against the former Springbok 1

Weeks prior, Ashleigh issued a statement of her split from Elton, claiming she was “living in fear.” She also hinted at him being “dangerously obsessed.”

Without naming him, Ashleigh alluded to another alarming encounter with her ex.

She captioned an Instagram post in April: “‘You tried to ruin my reputation you bitch, death is coming for you,’ were the last things he said to me & that was the day I said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”


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Elton, however, has denied all the allegations.


Meanwhile,  Iva Ristic, Elton Jantjies’s estranged wife, has moved on from their relationship.

Over the weekend, the brunette bombshell went Instagram official with the new man in her life. This comes almost two years after Elton’s alleged affair with team dietician Zeenat Simjee made headlines.

“When I count my blessings, I count him twice,” she captioned the image of the mystery man kissing her on the cheek.


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