Dricus Profoundly Asserts His Assertion on Least Effective Government


Dricus Profoundly Asserts His Assertion on Least Effective Government

UFC champion Dricus du Plessis doubled-down on his criticism of the South African government and president…

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Despite being seemingly given the cold shoulder by the president, UFC champion Dricus du Plessis has stood by his comments calling out the government and Cyril Ramaphosa.

The 30-year-old fighter has doubled down on his outspoken statement after touching down at OR Tambo on Thursday, 25 January. Carrying his SA flag and title belt, the emotional star received a hero’s welcome from fans and officials.


While Minister of Sport Zizi Kodwa has congratulated du Plessis on his historic UFC win on Sunday in Canada, Ramaphosa has yet to publicly say anything.

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Speaking in a press conference at OR Tambo, Dricus du Plessis was questioned over his recent comments criticising the SA government and president.

However, the 30-year-old claimed he had no regrets about what was said.

He told the media: “I stand by what I said. I’m not a politician, and that’s why I haven’t gone in a political direction. I’m a sports person. There are few people who will argue with me or who can argue with me if you go on facts”.

Dricus added that SA citizens were united in their spirit of overcoming setbacks.

He continued: “We, as South Africans, don’t let negative things get us down, and that’s why we do this well.

“We have negative situations we can’t ignore, but look at what it looks like outside here with the fans. That is what makes us one as South Africans. We concern ourselves about the positive things, not the negative things.

“They can try as hard as they want with negative things. They can try as hard as they like to get under our skin, but they won’t get it right.”

Dricus du Plessis’s scathing comments about the SA government and president were shared in an interview ahead of his UFC title fight.

Speaking to US interviewer Nina Drama, he shut down her questions about having any presidential ambition.

He said: “No, thank you. I’m okay. To fix up anything that they have screwed up this far? It takes lifetimes”

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“It’s the worst government in the world by a long shot. We are truly and exceptionally s**t…it’s the most corrupt in the world”.

He continued: “Our country is beautiful, the people are amazing…..There are a lot of great people doing great work. But I have to say, the government is terrible. Do I admit the tenacity in which they screw up? It’s astonishing”.

Of president Cyril Ramaphosa, he added: “He takes all the money.”



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