Elizabeth from Skeem Saam, Where is she now in real life?


Elizabeth from Skeem Saam, Where is she now in real life?

Elizabeth from Skeem Saam is a South African actress and presenter who currently plays the role of Elizabeth in the SABC 1 soap opera Skeem Saam.

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Amanda Manku is most recognised for her portrayal of Dr. Elizabeth Thobakgale on Skeem Saam. What happened to her? ,She has impressed South Africans with her unrivalled acting talent.

She was cast in the role of the Principal’s daughter. However, in the aftermath of her newfound celebrity, she hasn’t been seen much on tiny screens, leaving many people wondering where she is. After that, she’s a jack of all trades, with a colourful resume to prove it.
In recent years, the bouncy figure has appeared on small screens as a sportscaster. She had previously worked with Johannesburg-based sports broadcaster SuperSport.


However, it is unknown when she joined the multi-choice-owned company. She has also appeared on some SABC Sport sporting shows.

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Apart from that, she doubles as a film editor and businesswoman. The bubbly actress happens to be the chief executive officer of a fragrance line called AmaScent.

However, despite being one of the most-followed actresses, she has managed to keep her private life under wraps, leaving many to guess.

Amanda Manku was rumoured to be King Monada’s third wife after their cuddly photos went popular on social media. Despite the trends, the two went on to refute the assertions.
They revealed that the viral photos and videos were from a video session in which she appeared as a video vixen in one of Monada’s songs.

Through commercial arrangements such as ambassadorship and advertising, the Limpopo-born actress has made a fortune from her social media following.

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Aside from her impressive resume, Amanda Manku epitomises beauty with intelligence.

She fueled her acting craze with a degree from the prestigious AFDA, The School for the Creative Economy. AFDA has graduated a number of A-listers and media figures, and Manku is fortunate to be one of them.

It seems she is a jack of all trades and a master of them all. She doubles as a sportscaster, film editor, actress, and businesswoman. Her shot to the limelight came against the backdrop of being a child presenter for SABC’s YOTV. Her real occupation just left Mzansi awestruck, and she is a true definition of beauty with brains.

With her on-screen character not in the current storyline, Amanda Manku is securing the bag as a sportscaster. Confirmed reports show that she is doubling as a sports anchor on SABC Sports. Apart from that, she happens to be the founder and CEO of a fragrance line called AmaScent.


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