ETV’s top 10 most watched shows in the month of April.


ETV’s top 10 most watched shows in the month of April.

As the month of April draws to a close, eTV has once again captivated audiences with a diverse array of programming, ranging from gripping dramas to exhilarating draws. With millions of viewers tuning in, the network continues to solidify its position as a powerhouse in the South African television landscape. Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 most-watched shows on eTV for the month of April:

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1. House of Zwide: Leading the pack with an impressive 4,843,699 views, “House of Zwide” takes viewers on a thrilling journey through the intricate world of fashion, drama, and ambition.


2. Isitha – The Enemy: With 4,401,045 views, “Isitha – The Enemy” delivers edge-of-your-seat suspense and riveting storytelling, keeping viewers hooked with its twists and turns.

3. Isiphetho: Coming in at third place with 3,954,105 views, “Isiphetho” enthralls audiences with its compelling narrative and dynamic characters, exploring themes of love, betrayal, and redemption.

4. Smoke and Mirrors: Garnering 3,928,750 views, “Smoke and Mirrors” captivates audiences with its intricate plotlines, complex characters, and tantalizing mysteries.

5. Scandal: With 3,838,073 views, “Scandal” continues to be a fan favorite, delivering gripping storylines and unforgettable performances that keep viewers coming back for more.

6. The Powerball Draw: Drawing in 3,081,576 views, “The Powerball Draw” adds excitement and anticipation to viewers’ evenings as they eagerly await the announcement of life-changing jackpot winners.

7. Umbali: With 2,072,170 views, “Umbali” transports viewers to a world of fantasy and adventure, offering a mesmerizing escape into realms of magic and wonder.

8. Kingsman: The Golden Circle: This blockbuster film captivated 1,988,838 viewers, offering an action-packed thrill ride filled with espionage, intrigue, and stylish flair.

9. eTV News: Keeping viewers informed and engaged, “eTV News” garnered 1,901,523 views, delivering comprehensive coverage of current events and breaking news stories.

10. Smoke and Mirrors (Repeat): Rounding out the top 10 with 1,871,124 views, the repeat broadcast of “Smoke and Mirrors” continues to draw in audiences eager to revisit their favorite moments and unravel the show’s enigmatic secrets.

From gripping dramas to thrilling draws and blockbuster films, eTV’s lineup offers something for everyone, captivating audiences and keeping them coming back for more. As we bid farewell to April, we eagerly anticipate what new adventures and dramas await us on eTV in the months to come.


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