etvScandal actor Matthews Rantsoma dumping Scandal because of his real wife is not happy. See what the wife told him here


etvScandal actor Matthews Rantsoma dumping Scandal because of his real wife is not happy. See what the wife told him here

Speculation Rises as Mathews Rantsoma Announces Departure from Scandal!

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Johannesburg, South Africa — In a surprising turn of events, Mathews Rantsoma, who plays the beloved character Nhlamulo on the e.tv soapie Scandal!, has announced his departure from the show. This unexpected news has sparked widespread speculation among fans and insiders about the reasons behind his exit.

Recently, close friends of Rantsoma’s wife have confided in this publication, suggesting that the decision may be linked to his wife’s discomfort with his on-screen intimate scenes. According to these sources, Rantsoma’s wife has expressed feelings of jealousy regarding his portrayal of romantic relationships with other women on the show.


The speculation began to gain traction following a series of heartfelt social media posts in which Rantsoma gushed over his real-life wife, celebrating her academic achievements and their loving relationship. These posts have highlighted the deep bond between the couple, prompting fans to wonder if this bond could be influencing his career choices.

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“She has been very supportive of Mathews’ career, but watching him in intimate scenes with other actresses has always been difficult for her,” revealed a close friend of Rantsoma’s wife. “She has admitted to feeling jealous, and it’s possible that this has played a role in their decision for him to leave Scandal!.”

Rantsoma’s departure from Scandal! comes at a time when his character, Nhlamulo, has been a central figure in the show’s storyline. His on-screen chemistry with Nomvelo Makhanya, who played his late wife Lindiwe Ngema, has been a significant draw for viewers. Despite their strong on-screen bond, both actors have clarified that they are in committed relationships with other people off-screen.

The actor’s Instagram posts celebrating his wife’s graduation and their family life have further endeared him to fans, who have now become invested in his real-life relationship. “Oh my love… OH MY WIFE!!!! What a milestone!!!! What an achievement!!! At least now you can teach our children all their subjects at school, and I will teach them how to mess up the house. I am extremely proud of you… you have done it… well done, caster.. well done! 😂😂😂😂😂” he wrote in one of his posts, showcasing his deep affection and pride.

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As fans process the news of his departure, many are expressing support for Rantsoma’s decision to prioritize his family. However, the official reason for his exit remains unconfirmed by both the actor and e.tv Scandal!.

While the show’s producers have yet to release a statement, Rantsoma’s departure marks the end of an era for his character, Nhlamulo. Fans are left to speculate on how the storyline will address his absence and what this means for the future of Scandal!.

As the speculation continues, one thing remains clear: Mathews Rantsoma’s dedication to his wife and family is as strong as ever, and his fans will undoubtedly continue to support him in his future endeavors.


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