Everyone blames DStv, Gogo Maweni for losing to Nigeria on penalties

Everyone blames DStv, Gogo Maweni for losing to Nigeria on penalties

Gogo Maweni trended when DStv had a technical glitch during Bafana’s penalties semifinals match against Nigeria on Wednesday.


DStv failed to broadcast Bafana Bafana’s penalties against Nigeria in the AFCON (Africa Cup of Nations) semifinals on Wednesday, 7 February.


South Africans took to social media on Wednesday evening to lambast DStv for having a technical glitch during the Bafana and Nigeria penalties.

“We apologise for the break in transmission. Our technicians are working to resolve the issue,” read the error message.

@UTDEzra_ said: “DSTV stopped working during AFCON penalty shootouts!!? Bafana Bafana they have failed you.”

Gogo Maweni also trended after Bafana’s loss as one fan @Brian_8743 posted: “That muthi from Gogo Maweni today never worked.”

@OnwabeV20386 said: “If Bafana Bafana loses, we are blocking Gogo Maweni as a country.”

Nigeria is through to the AFCON finals after winning in the penalty shootout 4-2 against South Africa.


@tshxgoww: “We come back to find out SA has missed a penalty mxa what kinda witchcraft is this?”

@NativeDiscourse: “If we didn’t see that Teboho Mokoena penalty miss because DStv stopped working, did he even kick it?

@cricinfo55: “It’s baffling when innovation fizzles during significant minutes like punishment shootouts! Ideally, the issue gets settled soon so everybody can appreciate watching the remainder of the match.”

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@sheraaz_hassan: “Really? I was watching on SABC+. No matter how much money I have or make, refuse to support them.”

@_the_logical: “It’s not DStv, I think it’s where some part tap broadcast. I was streaming and also have difficulty on SA first penalty.”

@periper13927951: “Looks hacked lol l kept refreshing. They wasted our adrenaline rush smh.”


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