“Exploring DJ Shimza’s Multi-Million Rand Business Ventures”


“Exploring DJ Shimza’s Multi-Million Rand Business Ventures”

From a thriving restaurant and car wash to an illustrious career spanning years, a dive into DJ Shimza’s business empire worth millions.



DJ Shimza – born Ashley Raphala – is one of the most sought-after DJs in South Africa. With an illustrious career spanning years, he has won big and has managed to cap his career with several accolades.

However, he is more than a DJ. There is no doubt that DJ Shimza is a jack of all trades and has several businesses under his watch to show for it.



The DJ is trending after his businesses were revealed on ‘We are trending Mzansi’ on Facebook as inspiration. Against the post, the media connected the dots about his businesses.

Transport and Logistics

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DJ Shimza owns a trucking company, Lekganyo. The company was established in 2021 and is named after his daughter.

Marketing Company

Rumour mill has it that he reportedly owns a marketing agency called Just Exist. However, the media has yet to establish more about the company.

Restaurant and Car Wash


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He owns one of the most celebrated restaurants in South Africa, The Hang Awt 1632. In addition, he also has a car wash named after his popular restaurant, Hang Awt 1932. The car wash is called Hang Awt Car Wash.


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Record Label

Like those before him, he also owns a record label called Kunye. DJ Shimza established the record label in 2020 to expose talent on the international stage.


However, with a career spanning years, DJ Shimza has fast become a brand. His influence and huge social media have seen him cashing in from several endorsements and advertisements.

On the other hand, he has headlined several shows around the globe. He has made Europe his playground and has fast become a darling of many, and his Ibiza sets always thrust him into the top trends.


No doubt, DJ Shimza’s net worth was quickly implicated into the mix against the backdrop of his business portfolios. However, his net worth has often thrust him into top trends over the years. He once hogged headlines when he revealed his alleged net worth on social media.

The DJ shared a phone screen that revealed R1 billion in his Nedbank account. However, is he worth over R1 billion? The photo gained thousands of comments and reactions when it dropped, and the DJ had to reveal his net worth.

DJ Shimza confirmed that it was not his account. However, he went on to add that his net worth was way less. He is one of the highest-paid DJs in SA. However, the rumour mill believes DJ Black Coffee is the richest DJ in SA and Africa.


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