‘Far from perfect’ Kwesta and wife celebrate wedding anniversary


‘Far from perfect’ Kwesta and wife celebrate wedding anniversary

They have been together for 14 years – Hip-hop star Kwesta celebrated his wedding anniversary with Yolanda his wife.



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South African musician Senzo Mfundo Vilakazi, famously known as Kwesta, celebrated his wedding with his wife on 22 March.


Kwesta had been one of the biggest names in South African hip-hop, with top hits. His pieces like Spirit and Vur Vai remain some of her best songs ever, with billions of views on YouTube.

Over the years, Kwesta stayed at the top, managing his private life and music. Unlike several other musicians, Kwesta is a drama-free man who loves his family.

Indeed, the two lovebirds have grown together, inspiring their fans. Celebrating her special day, Kwesta’s wife revealed their time together in love and marriage.

“5 years married. 14 years together. Still my person ❤️. @kwestadakar,” she said.


Kwesta married businesswoman Yolanda Vilakazi, who is famous among South Africans. Indeed, time flies; Yolanda and Kwesta already have two children and five years since their wedding.

After Yolanda shared on her Instagram, celebrating their anniversary, Kwesta revealed that their marriage was not perfect. Indeed, there is nothing like an ideal marriage, but he cited their clients as keeping them together.

“FAR from perfect but CLOSER to each other. That’s that on that. Happy Anni who 😘” he said.


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After Kwesta and his wife, Yolanda Vilakazi, celebrated their wedding anniversary, their fans also showed them love.

@Felicia Thembelihle “Happy anniversary, bo Binda, Mphephethe 💓💓💓till infinity.”

@Banele Msimango “@yonessalvv 😂😂ok I’m not weird…I thought I was the only one hugging like this 😂😂one hand there and one hand here 😂😂shout @kwestadakar.”

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@Odirile Moagi “I see what Senzo is doing with his hand. He said, “Ithi ngi fihle izinto zam!” 😂 Happy Anniversary batho baka”


In 2022, Kwesta surprised his wife Yolanda with her dream proposal even after celebrating their second wedding anniversary. It was an event that got fans talking as Kwesta invested so much to make it a moment his wife deserved.

Speaking of the event, Yolanda revealed that Kwesta had done everything traditionally until the white wedding. She, however, claimed that he believed that such an expensive proposal was the one that was missing.

“Since you guys love context so much, I am Zulu, so my husband honoured my parents when he asked for my hand many years ago. He sent a letter and paid Lobola. Then he gave me the ring. Years later, he did the membeso,umbondo, white wedding and umabo. Last night, he gave me the proposal he felt I never got. That’s all. We are married,” Yolanda explained.


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