Former Sundowns star Lerato Chabangu looking for a job


Former Sundowns star Lerato Chabangu looking for a job

“I’m looking for a job to be like other people and get an income,” Former Mamelodi Sundowns star Lerato Chabangu opens up about his woes.

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Former Mamelodi Sundowns star Lerato Chabangu is looking for a job to make ends meet after he fell from glory. During the peak of his career, Chabangu was dubbed one of the best and highest-paid stars in the DStv Premier League.

However, Lerato Chabangu lost it all against the backdrop of his newfound fame. In recent years, the troubled star has opened up about his woes, from being a laughing stock to being jobless.



Lerato Chabangu is trending after he revealed that he is looking for a job. He revealed this during his recent interview. The viral clip from his interview has gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped on the internet.

Chabangu said, “I’m looking for a job to be like other people and get an income.” He said he has been hustling to put food on the table but needs a job despite getting one being a problem.

However, it seems he is now conquering his fears. During his ‘I Blew It’ episode, he revealed that he couldn’t make public appearances because of ‘shame.’ However, against the episode, some celebrities reached out to him, including DJ Karri.

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The DJ visited the star and took to social media to share their priceless moments. “Today, I visited mfethu Lerato Chabangu. The truth of life is that we all make mistakes, and everyone deserves a chance,” DJ Karri posted.

A few days later, he even took Chabangu for lunch, and this was one of his most recent public appearances in years.


During the peak of his career, Lerato Chabangu was one of the highest-paid stars in the Premier League. However, he blew his fortune on useless things. During one of his interviews, he said, “I blew all my money on useless things because I was always guaranteed a salary the following month. I used to afford expensive things..”

He added, ” When the Golf V came out, I bought it without thinking twice. And as you know, women will always be there, but my main problem was booze.”


Lerato Chabangu had his Premier League debut with Pretoria University after switching the floor from SuperSport United youth academy. His unmatched flair saw him joining several Premier League clubs, including Mamelodi Sundowns, SuperSport United and Moroka Swallows.

After Swallows, he joined a string of teams from the National Divison before failing to secure a club.


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