GBV org backs Anele Tembe book


GBV org backs Anele Tembe book

GBV activists Women For Change have backed author Melinda Ferguson’s new book about Anele Tembe and the circumstances around her death.

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Gender-based violence (GBV) organsation Women For Change has given their backing to author Melinda Ferguson’s book When Love Kills about the tragic love story of Anele Tembe and AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes.

The book, which has officially hit bookstores around South Africa – documents the couple’s rollercoaster romance and both their untimely deaths.


Melinda has been criticised on social media over the “timing” of the release, which comes amid Anele’s inquest and AKA’s murder trial.

Both the Tembe and Forbes families have also distanced themselves from the book.


Speaking to The South African, Women For Change founder Sabrina Walter showed her support for Melinda Ferguson’s book When Love Kills.

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The book will delve into the circumstances around Anele and AKA’s deaths on 11 April 2021 and 10 February 2023, respectively.

She said: “I am very excited about the new book and thankful someone is giving Anele Tembe a voice after hers was taken three years ago. While her death will always be overshadowed by AKA celebrity worship, Women For Change will continue asking the painful questions that are still unanswered.


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She continued: “Also, knowing that Melinda is an award-winning author who has written books on similar topics, I am sure this book is very well-researched. Maybe now is the time to finally get more answers on what really happened on 11 April 2021. I am still hopeful the truth will come out, also with the much-awaited inquest coming up.”.

The GBV organisation has previously pledged to be “Anele Tembe’s voice.”

Walters previously told The South African: “Kiernan gained ‘hero status’ after he was murdered last year. Many forgot about the tragic passing of his fiancee, as well as the abuse allegations.

“We will not forget about her. We will be her voice and fight for her justice.”


Meanwhile, Sunday World reports that Anele Tembe’s inquest, which was set to begin this week has been delayed again.

According to the publication, one of the factors behind the delay was the National Prosecuting Authority’s (NPA) alleged failure to submit commissioned affidavits or witness statements to the magistrate. Another was the absence of the new executor of AKA’s estate.

Last year, a scathing leaked letter from Anele Tembe’s family to the NPA made a series of bombshell allegations., reported IOL.

In it, the Tembe family challenged the NPA’s decision not to prosecute anyone, namely Kiernan Forbes. It also alleged how the rapper allegedly threw Anele off the hotel balcony and subsequently covered up her murder.

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The letter – issued by the family’s attorneys – also shared their beliefs about what happened during and after Anele’s fatal fall.

This included allegations that AKA:

  • Partied and drank AFTER Anele’s death with a group of friends
  • IGNORED Anele, who was still alive for 20 minutes after the fall
  • Cleaned up blood in the hotel room, possibly concealing an altercation.
  • Made a call to reception for assistance AFTER her fall



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