Get to know Jackie from Scandal.


Get to know Jackie from Scandal.

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Lerato Mahlasela has distinguished herself as a performing artist with great versatility and insight. She is originally from Johannesburg in the East Rand, Daveyton.


She has obtained two degrees and an honors degree (a BA Drama degree and Ba Criminology degree). Even while still a student at the University of Pretoria, she was sought out for her ability, sensitivity, knowledge of the arts, and vocal skills.

She started working for SABC Lesedi FM doing voiceovers in 2014. She has won several beauty contest pageants, including first prize for the five kilometers women’s marathon.

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She has done a lot of stage acting, including for programs such as theater for development (TFD) and theater in education (TIE). She has done several TV productions, such as Hawe Ma, Ilizwe, Thola, and Ambitions.

Currently, she is playing the role of Jackie on etvScandal. She is so beautiful onscreen and in real life. She is playing the role of a good sister to her brother Linda, and the two joined the soap opera a few months ago.

When Linda and Jackie made their debut appearance on the show, Linda was looking for a job at Malume Mdu and introduced himself as a professor in Scandal Drama. Then he became a social media marketer for CJ. While working for CJ, he learned that NFH is looking for an employee, a journalist, who is young, vibrant, and full of new ideas. So he went to try his luck, only to find out through eavesdropping that they wanted a female employee.

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So, he left the premises hopeless without attempting the interview process because he knew he wasn’t the perfect candidate.When he reaches home and tells his sister about it, she suggests that he change his gender appearance to try his luck again. He agreed, and this is how Linda’s character came into being.

We don’t know much about the characters, but fans are loving their acting skills. A big op to Scandal for always introducing new talented actors every day, and they make sure we stick to our screens because of good storytelling.


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