Get to know MaDlamini from Nikiwe.


Get to know MaDlamini from Nikiwe.

The character MaDlamini, a Sangoma, is being played by Neo Iman Mothae, a South African actor, author, and filmmaker who was born on May 24, 1993.

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Early age of Neo

Neo Iman Mothae was born in 1993. She was born in Pinetown and raised there. Her parents were loyal, strong women who set a fantastic example for her and are now supporting her in her efforts to accomplish her objectives. Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore the arts in general. My family can attest to the fact that I cannot recall ever not sketching, humming, performing, or writing at some point in my life.

Neo constantly recalled being asked to perform whenever visitors came over. All the women in my family are strong, devoted individuals who were the perfect role models for me as a little girl and who today support me in pursuing all of my goals. Neo is currently portraying MaDlamini on the character of Nikiwe, a Sangoma who is secretly in love with Bhungane.



Neo claimed that in addition to junior and senior Pinetown Primary Schools, she also attended Pinetown Girls High School. I studied drama and cinema at the University of the Witwatersrand when the degree still included theater and film classes. This was ideal for me because it allowed me to thoroughly comprehend both professions. She graduated from Wits with a BA in Dramatic Arts with Honors and is a Master of Arts candidate

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Producing my own work is a part of my theater profession, along with planning, writing, and directing. I stage managed numerous performances while working as an assistant director. In my hometown, I haven’t yet presented any of my works, but that will soon change. I believe that, having recently moved to Durban from Johannesburg, I have integrated myself into the city’s film scene. I’m quite pleased with how Durban’s entertainment sector is developing. Being a part of this procedure now, when business is thriving, makes me happy.

Joining Sunrise FM Radio

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