Get to know Nokuzola from Imbewu.


Get to know Nokuzola from Imbewu.

Vuyiseka Cawe Biography: Age, Siblings, Net Worth, Pictures, Husband

Vuyiseka Cawe (born 1 August 1987) is a South African model and actress. She is best known for her roles in several local television soap operas, including The Queen and Imbewu: The Seed.


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On The Queen, Cawe portrayed Listerina, a woman who plotted vengeance against her husband’s mistress. In 2019, she appeared as Nokuzola Ndamase in the E.tv soap opera Imbewu.


Vuyiseka Cawe was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, on August 1, 1987. Her single mother and grandmother raised her and her siblings.

In her community, the actress was involved in numerous plays and art projects. Vuyiseka Cawe moved to Johannesburg in search of greener pastures.

Unfortunately, her mother died in 2016, and four days later, her grandmother died of a kidney disease. Her grandmother had helped her care for her siblings.

After the demise of her mother and grandmother, the baton of catering for her three siblings got to her. She returned to Port Elizabeth to take care of them.

Vuyiseka Cawe studied performance at the Duma Ndlovu Actors Academy.

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She began acting full-time after finishing her studies and worked with the Themba Interactive Theatre Group. Cawe spread industrial throughout South Africa’s underprivileged areas.

Vuyiseka has appeared in shows such as Generations: The Legacy, Rockville, and Ekasi Stories.

Cawe also appeared in The Great Mistake, Duma Ndlovu’s The Game, and Rhythm City. She did modeling as a side hustle while acting full-time. She later appeared on Imbewu again.

She took full responsibility for her siblings after the deaths of her biological mother and grandmother.

Her mother died peacefully in her sleep. She attended to her siblings’ academic needs and attempted to fill the voids left by their parents’ deaths.

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Cawe balanced her work as an actress with being the guardian of her siblings. She has not revealed the identity of her real-life husband or her marital status to any publication.

Vuyiseka Cawe made headlines after her aunt disowned her due to Nokuzola’s antics on the ETV drama. Her character is troubled and conceals information from her fiancé.

Nokuzola is also having an affair with her fiancé’s brother and has had an abortion. Among all of this, her aunt became irritated after she kissed his ex.

Her aunt Naki is a devout Christian and a strict disciplinarian. Naki chastised her for embarrassing the Cawe family with her antics in the drama.

Naki claimed that her friends and neighbors gossiped about what she does on the show in her place of worship.


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