Get to know Nontle from Generation The Legacy


Get to know Nontle from Generation The Legacy

Buntu Petse is a South African actress on the rise. She is well known for her role as Nontle in Generations The Legacy.

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Despite the fact that her career is only in its early stages, she is already shattering barriers. Her biography debunks her life outside of the visage we see on television.


The South African entertainment industry is an avenue for discovering some of the most gorgeous and talented people. Buntu Petse is one of the incredible figures taking the industry by storm. Go through the details of her biography to find out more about her.

Buntu was born in Johannesburg, South Africa on February 12, 1997. She will be twenty-six years old in September 2023. Her parents have played an important role in her professional achievement.


The talented actress may have found her way into Mzansis’ hearts, although she prefers to keep details of those closest to her private. Therefore, there is not much information available publicly concerning her parents’ identities.

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According to reports, Petse graduated from the University of Witwatersrand in 2019 with an honours degree in dramatic arts.

Buntu’s career started when she stepped into the entertainment industry as a presenter of Teenagers on a Mission, the SABC1 science and tech show. Being the show’s presenter did her justice in popularizing herself with Mzansi and setting the pace for her budding career in entertainment.

The debut of her acting career was accompanied by her being the face of the #OpenUpTheIndustry. She made these remarks concerning the movement:

I’m a new face in the industry, so I’m grateful for the movement, and it has been influential in that I have been given this opportunity. On the other hand, #OpenUpTheIndustry should go hand in hand with more job opportunities.

She has kept her dating status and love life private. According to sources, Buntu has not yet married. In an interview, she stated that she hopes to marry and have a child within the next five years.

Fans believe she has a kid, despite the fact that no verified proofs back these claims. She mentioned in an interview that having a child in the near future is on her bucket list.


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