Gomora’s Zodwa: Sannah Mchunu’s age revealed [watch]

Unveiling Gomora's Zodwa: Discover Sannah Mchunu's Age Revealed


Gomora’s Zodwa: Sannah Mchunu’s age revealed [watch]

She fell pregnant at 14 – Former Gomora actress Sannah Mchunu revealed the number of her children and age on her birthday.

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Former Gomora actress Sannah Mchunu revealed her age while celebrating her birthday on 19 March.

Even though she took years to find her breakthrough, Sannah is a testament to consistency and patience. Undoubtedly, Sannah remains one of the country’s most talented actresses and has won a lot.


Less than three years after her breakthrough, she won the 2022 Mzansi Viewer’s Choice Awards’ Favourite Actress. Wishing herself a happy birthday, Sannah Mchunu revealed the number of her children.

Her Instagram post left some veteran celebrities like Connie Chiume wishing her well.

“Happy birthday sthandwa 😍😍😍” Connie wished her well.


Sharing on her Instagram, Sannah Mchunu penned a heartfelt message saying she had never looked so good. “A 54yr old Mother Of Seven ❤️❤️🙏🎉. Has never looked this good 😊. Happy Birthday 🥳 to me” she said.

The talented actress was born on 19 March 1972 and celebrated her 52nd birthday. Connie was born in Soweto Soweto in South Africa, but she struggled after falling pregnant with her first baby at 14.


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After Sannah Mchunu revealed her age and that she had seven children, we looked into her journey. After falling pregnant at 14 she went on to have five children before she turned 22.

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According to Wikipedia Sannah lived with the father of her fourth child after her parents died. She however faced physical abuse and she left him with the children and went on to have two more children.


On Gomora, Sannah Mchunu played a role that fitted her age well, as Zodwa a alocoholic. She was married to her husband Don, a role played by Israel Matseke-Zulu.

Don abused Zodwa so much that she ened up abusing alcohol but she later recovered. Speaking of her relationship with Don, Sannah said it was similar to what how her husband treated and dumbed.


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