Grace Mahlaba is the Head Writer of etvScandal; she is the woman behind all the team of writers

Grace Mahlaba is the Head Writer of etvScandal; she is the woman behind the team of writers

Grace Mahlaba

Grace Mahlaba is a well-known South African actress, head writer, and producer. She was born and raised in Alexandra, Gauteng.

Grace Mahlabawa was born and raised in Alexandra. The actress is most recognized for her role as Ipeleng in Backstage. She worked as a creative producer on Scandal and was then promoted to head writer for the soap operas on TV.

Her mother raised her and her brother after their father passed away. Also, she is multilingual and speaks nine South African languages. Being a celebrity hasn’t changed her, but it has altered how people perceive her—they take her more seriously.She enjoys her life now because she is more relaxed and patient. Grace defines relaxation as chatting with her children or listening to music.
In 2021, she was appointed as the head writer of etvScandal. She was previously Scandal’s creative producer. The sky is not the limit; the actress is doing well at Scandal, as viewers are loving the storylines.

Grace Mahlaba
Strong women, such as her mother, inspire her. She’s been doing a lot more reading lately, especially health books. She has also been redecorating and architecturally redesigning her home. She enjoys deco shops, mixing and matching items, and has been on a renovation spree.
Mahlaba always wanted to be an actor, so she worked hard to achieve that. She began acting when she was very young. At the age of 8, she and her friends created a drama called Umona. The play was acted out for four years in schools and halls.

Although the community where she grew up criticized her acting, she didn’t give up because of them. She went to Morroco, which is in North Africa, where she acted on “Being Human”. Also, she co-starred with Robin Williams in a comedy film.

She acted on Bopha in 1992. In 1985, she was part of the Sepedi television show ‘Bophelo ke Sempheko’.
She has a daughter who is said to be Vusi Kunene’s. Grace and her 17-year-old daughter went to court in 2014 to get Vusi Kunene to pay maintenance. The daughter was suing his father for desertion, while her mother was claiming R5 000 in monthly support.

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