Gugu Gumede Reveals Why She Always Hides Her Daughter’s Face On Social Media

Gugu Gumede Reveals Why She Always Hides Her Daughter’s Face On Social Media

Uzalo’s favourite character ‘MaMlambo’ has been on the longest sabbatical now and fans have started losing their minds about her highly anticipated comeback.

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Luckily, the talented actress has been keeping in touch with her fans off-screens through her social media pages, updating them on a day-to-day basis on what she’s been up to.

In as much as her big break from acting has been an issue of high concern for her fans, so does her secretive life especially after she welcomed her firstborn child.

It seems getting pregnant was reason enough for the actress to take a year break from Uzalo and focus on raising her daughter.

Gugu Gumede welcomed and debuted her daughter on social media earlier this year in March and Mzansi has been dying to get a glimpse of what she looks like.

Gugu has made it a deliberate dedication to hide her daughter from social media but ironically posting her almost on a daily basis.

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But why does she hide her daughter’s face on social media? Many have asked.Despite regularly flooding social media with cute mommy-daughter snaps, Gugu always makes it a point to capture angles that conceal her daughter’s face and leaves it hidden from the camera.

When quizzed about this by her fans who have been dying to see her daughter’s face, Gugu said her daughter is too young to have her face on social media.She claims this is the sole reason why she has not been posting her.

“She is still too young,” Gugu said when a fan asked when they would see her daughter.

Despite posting her daughter on social media, Gugu feels like she is still too young to have her face seen by people.She also thinks kids should grow away from social media until they are 18 years old.

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