‘Gunmen breaking into my house’: Phat Joe addresses eviction reports.


‘Gunmen breaking into my house’: Phat Joe addresses eviction reports.

Media personality and businessman Phat Joe has explained why he chooses to rent property rather than buy one.

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Radio and TV personality Phat Joe has shed some light after it was recently reported that he was evicted from his luxury Sea Point apartment, in Cape Town.

During a sit-down interview with MacG and Sol Phenduka on Podcast and Chill, former Radio 2000 presenter – whose real name Majota Khambule – explained that no eviction took place.



According to various reports, Phata Joe and his family were evicted from their home, which cost more than R40 000 a month to rent.

This, according to reports, after he failed to keep up with his rent, which accumulated to over R600 000 since he last paid in November 2022.

As a result, an order was handed to Phat Joe by the Western Cape High Court. It stated that they’d be evicted from the apartment by 31 May, and “should they fail or refuse to leave the property by the deadline, the sheriff was authorised to evict them on Saturday, 1 June.”

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Phat Joe and his wife, Palesa, have been married for five years. Together they have a four-year-old daughter named Nairobi and the media personality has a 19-year-old son named Brooklyn.


Addressing the reports, Phat Joe alleged that things went south when his landlord allegedly tried to extort money from him.

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“For three years I stayed there [with] no problems. They tried to extort me out of R300,000. I said no. A dispute began at that point over a year ago. That dispute evolved into gunmen breaking into my house, all types of court cases, and now they are taking pictures of my daughter and publishing them online. I’m truly in a fight,” he said.

Phat Joe admitted a sheriff was sent to his home, however, he said there was no eviction.

“What we did was in March, we were beating them in court. They asked us for a settlement. We agreed to the settlement. The settlement was we would vacate the place at the end of May or by June 1. Then both parties, through our lawyers, went to the high court and made it an order of the court. There was no eviction. They said we were kicked out on the streets. That’s not true as well.

“I’m still in my luxury penthouse in Sea Point, ” he added.

The former Real Goboza host explained that he has not bought a home yet because he believes in investing.

“I used to own a studio, you know, the mxit theatre in Johannesburg. It was kind of taken from me. I had to learn a business lesson there.

Furyher explaining, Phat Joe said he prefers investing in a business and using the free cash to buy his assets.


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