Here are the top 5 taIented South African actors who can’t speak EngIish properIy.


Here are the top 5 taIented South African actors who can’t speak EngIish properIy.

South Africa is a fascinating country with a rich tapestry of 11 official languages. English is the chosen language of communication. On the other hand, there are South African citizens who may not be as proficient in English as they are in their native languages. Check out these hilarious pictures of South African celebrities struggling with the English language!

1. Babes Wodumo

Babes Wodumo is known for her unique way of expressing herself in English. She used to grab attention with her charmingly imperfect English, but it’s important to remember that fluency in a language doesn’t determine someone’s intelligence or education.


Wodumo made it quite clear that English is not her first language and she didn’t attend those prestigious private schools. As a proud Zulu speaker, she doesn’t feel obligated to adhere to anyone’s standards of proper English. Her fans rallied behind her, defending her right to speak English however she pleases and urging others to simply leave her be.

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2. Makhadzi

She hails from the beautiful Mashamba in the Limpopo province, representing the unique Venda culture. It seems that the talented artist has openly acknowledged her less-than-stellar English skills, opting instead to primarily communicate in Sotho/Pedi.She once went off the hook and talked about ‘public relationships’ instead of ‘public relations. However, the whole conservation went viral, but she cared less.

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3. Thuthuka Mthembu

She has gained widespread recognition for her exceptional portrayal of Nonka on Uzalo. Just a few months ago, she became a hot topic when she posted a series of tweets in broken English that had everyone in Mzansi laughing. She was pulled into a situation that forced her to remove the tweet. Well, well, well! Hello, fellow Mzansi people!

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4. Sana Mchunu

She gained popularity for her vibrant personality on the popular Mzansi soapie Gomora. It’s no secret that ‘Zodwa’ isn’t exactly known for her English-speaking skills. It seems that Zodwa isn’t exactly fluent in English, even in everyday conversations. She may try to conceal it, but her command of the language leaves something to be desired.


5. Papa Penny

Musician and reality star Papa Penny couldn’t care less about speaking English. Despite facing numerous instances of criticism and mockery due to his less-than-perfect English, he remains unfazed by it all. His loyal supporters are quick to jump to his aid whenever he faces criticism for his less-than-perfect English skills.

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