Here is How AKA’ s hit was allegedly planned, Don was allegedly blackmailed [watch]


Here is How AKA’ s hit was allegedly planned, Don was allegedly blackmailed [watch]

Tragically, Kiernan Forbes and his friend, the renowned chef and entrepreneur Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane, were both killed on February 10, 2023.


Tragically, the two were murdered their route to the pub where they were scheduled to celebrate Forbes’ birthday with a performance.


The motive of the killer is still a mystery to investigators.

Colonel Robert Netshiunda, a police spokesman, told the BBC that the rapper and his friend were shot while walking to their car.


Whoever was responsible for the first assault then left the scene.

Government officials have been tight-lipped about the causes of the fatalities, but they have warned that effects are still a possibility.

It appears that several individuals close to AKA are suspected of assassinating him, with his friend Don allegedly being the one who sold him, according to the CCTV footage that his family, friends, and fans have utilised to try to reconstruct the events preceding up to his and his friend’s demise.

He was probably sold to his killers by a close friend of his. Here we will go over what happened according to what was said to be written about it online.

Refer to the attached screenshot for more details on how AKA’s supposed friend became involved. Despite his best efforts to resist, he was supposedly blackmailed for a long time; in the end, he chose Aka. So, he left All behind in an effort to secure his own survival.

It seems that he was not operating alone and had a plethora of accomplices. Whoever is behind this has given them a lot of influence.





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