House of Zwide: 10–14 June spoiler [watch]


House of Zwide: 10–14 June spoiler [watch]

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Once they managed to retrieve the portion of the funds that Kopano had pilfered from the Zwide accounts, Nkosi and Funani gleefully whisked him away, leaving him penniless and stranded in a desolate location.

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When Maria suggests that Molefe learn how to trim men’s hair in order to contribute more to the salon, his excitement turns into concern. This comes after Isaac has given his approval for the improvements to the business to be implemented.

Immediately following the kidnapping of Nandipha’s father, Funani makes contact with her and proposes to strike a deal that would result in the safe release of her father in exchange for the money.


Sandile is overjoyed when, out of the many matches he has made with girls on the dating app, the most attractive of them all reaches out to enquire about a relationship with him.
Mampho helps Sandile exchange texts with the hot girl, until she eventually agrees to go on a date with him. However, Sandile chickens out on the date when he sees how beautiful the girl is in person.

House of Zwide: Sneak peek

1. Funani kidnaps Nandipha’s father

2. Nkosi and Funani dump Kopano in the middle of nowhere.


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