House of Zwide actress Matshepo Maleme responds to reports she has cancer.


House of Zwide actress Matshepo Maleme responds to reports she has cancer.

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Matshepo Maleme ON Cancer Reports: “It’s Falsehood”


In a fervent response to circulating rumors, Matshepo Maleme, renowned Mzansi actress and performer, vehemently refuted claims suggesting she was battling cancer. The speculation arose following the portrayal of her character, Rea, succumbing to cancer on the popular television series “House of Zwide.”

Maleme, based in Johannesburg, took to social media to set the record straight, declaring the allegations as outright falsehoods. Expressing her dismay, she lamented the impact such unfounded rumors had on her reputation and future prospects.

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The actress expressed her frustration, highlighting the dangers of spreading misinformation and its potential repercussions. She emphasized the importance of safeguarding personal information from public scrutiny, asserting that individuals should not be subjected to unwarranted diagnoses by the public.

Maleme stressed the detrimental effects of such baseless rumors, not only on herself but also on her family and career. She urged people to refrain from engaging in such harmful behavior, emphasizing the damage it inflicts on both personal and professional fronts.

In light of the incident, Maleme underscored her preference for radio or on-screen interviews, where she can directly address the public and present her side of the story. She expressed distrust towards traditional news outlets, citing concerns over potential misrepresentation and sensationalism.

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Maleme’s resolute denial serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible reporting and the need to verify information before perpetuating it. As she reaffirms her well-being, Maleme stands as a testament to resilience in the face of unfounded rumors and unwarranted scrutiny.


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