House of Zwide: Soka chooses Mampho over Ona.


House of Zwide: Soka chooses Mampho over Ona.

The character Soka, who appears in the popular television series House of Zwide, is split between two ladies, Mampho and Ona. It is a difficult situation for him. However, after doing some introspection, Soka comes to the conclusion that Mampho is the one who truly holds his heart.

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Soka and Ona’s relationship began when Ona’s sister, Keletso, set them up. Ona had recently gone through a difficult breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Neo, who had cheated on her and moved away. As Soka and Ona spent more time together, Ona started developing feelings for him, realising that he was a better match for her than Neo.

Despite his growing connection with Ona, Soka’s heart ultimately belongs to Mampho. On Monday, May 27th, Soka decides to have an honest conversation with Ona, confessing that he has chosen to be with Mampho. He pleads with Mampho for forgiveness, and she eventually agrees to give their relationship another chance.


Monday 27 May 2024: Soka does some serious soul searching and decides to tell a heartbroken Ona that he has chosen to be with Mampho, he then makes a heartfelt plea asking Mampho's forgiveness.

Ona, despite her own feelings for Soka, realises that Mampho is the one Soka truly loves. On Tuesday, May 21st, Mampho catches Soka preparing to go to dinner with Ona, leading Soka to lie about his intentions.

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However, Ona, being mature and understanding, helps Mampho see that she would be making a mistake by letting Soka go. This realisation prompts Mampho to forgive Soka, and they both decide to officially start dating.

Wednesday 29 May 2024 : Ona does the mature thing and helps Mampho realise that she is making a mistake letting Soka go, Mampho then decides to forgive Soka, and they both agree to start dating officially.

When Keletso and Ona both discover from Maria that Mampho and Soka are planning to exploit Dorothy and Molefe’s surprise wedding as a means of announcing their relationship to the world, Keletso becomes concerned about Ona’s mental health.

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