House Of Zwide: Soka dates Ona & Mampho [watch]


House Of Zwide: Soka dates Ona & Mampho [watch]

May 2024 teasers for House of Zwide reveal that Soka will date both Mampho and Ona before getting caught. Will Soka choose to date Nkosi’s baby mama, Mampho, or reconcile with his ex-lover, Ona?

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The TVSA May House of Zwide teasers confirm that Mampho will find out that Soka is also seeing Ona.

Despite not being formally dating, Soka and Mampho have been spending a lot of time together, including this week’s romantic experience.



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After enjoying himself with Ona to the point where he goes to make dinner with her, Soka will have to decide between Ona and Mampho till Mmapho finds what is happening between the two. Soka will eventually understand that he can only have one girlfriend. Who is he going to pick?

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Tuesday 21 May: “Soka is forced to lie after Mampho catches him preparing to go to dinner with Ona.”
Monday 27 May: “Soka does some serious soul searching and decides to tell a heartbroken Ona that he has chosen to be with Mampho. He then makes a heartfelt plea asking Mampho’s forgiveness.”

The teasers also show that after Soka confesses his feelings for Mampho, Ona will assist Mampho in realizing that he is the one for her.
Wednesday 29 May: “Ona does the mature thing and helps Mampho realise that she is making a mistake letting Soka go. Mampho then decides to forgive Soka, and they both agree to start dating officially.”


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