‘Human Rights Day’ Rasta’s painting of Cyril Ramaphosa surfaces [watch]


‘Human Rights Day’ Rasta’s painting of Cyril Ramaphosa surfaces [watch]

A painting of South African President Cyril Ramphosa has surfaced on social media as locals celebrated Human Rights Day.



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To celebrate Human Rights Day in South Africa on 21 March, a portrait of President Cyril Ramaphosa circulated on X (the social media platform previously known as Twitter.


A popular social media entertainment blog posted a photo of the beloved painter Rasta The Artist — real name Lebani Sirejenje alongside one of his portraits. In the photo, the Zimbabwean-born painter can be seen showcasing his painting of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The picture was posted on the social media platform by the blog page to mark Human Rights Day.

Talking about Human Rights Day, Parliament announced on their website that they are proud of where South Africa is today. They said, over the years, “the achievements of South Africans, through their Parliament, in passing progressive laws that have changed the face of our society from a people tormented by inhumane apartheid”.



On the other hand, on his timelines, Cyril Ramaphosa acknowledge that over the past 30 years, South Africans have worked together to build a united front.

“As we look back on 30 years of freedom, as we look back on decades of struggle for basic human rights, we must acknowledge the great strides that we have made,” the President said. “We have built a democracy that recognises the equal worth of every person,” he added.

According to the SA News website, Ramaphosa has called on all citizens to strive for a society of equals, “where none may claim dominance over another, where there is neither privilege nor disadvantage.”

“We have travelled this long journey together. But we still have further to travel and much more to do before everyone can equally exercise the fundamental freedoms that are rightfully theirs,” the President said.



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