‘Humble lifestyle’: ‘RHOD’s Maria on ‘borrowing’ designer looks [watch]


‘Humble lifestyle’: ‘RHOD’s Maria on ‘borrowing’ designer looks [watch]

‘Real Housewives of Durban’ star Maria Valaskatzis has clapped back at an influencer who claimed she ‘stole’ her designer jewellery…

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Real Housewives of Durban star Maria Valaskatzis has clapped back at claims she is “faking” her luxury lifestyle after she was accused of “stealing” designer accessories she wore on the reality TV show.

In the past week, the businesswoman has also been accused of “scamming” students in a 2015 make-up artistry class, a claim she vehemently denied.


Maria – who is 45 years old – responded to the allegations in an Instagram Story on Saturday, 27 April.


Earlier this week, Durban influencer Naliyani Uma accused Maria Valaskatzis of “stealing” her designer jewellery and sunglasses, which she wore throughout season four of the Real Housewives of Durban.

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In several shady IG Stories, the model tagged Maria, posting: “You crook…When did I give you permission to use my property to portray a lifestyle that isn’t yours?”

“My accessories you wore were easily 50k… definitely out of your budget and income bracket.”

In another, she posted: “Your budget was 20k for this season. (You wanted me to style you). I know this because you said this to my face and your gusband [stylist Neil Ramautar]  – and we both laughed at you”.

Neil responded to Naliyani’s claims, adding that the latter had left her items at his home and that he had “borrowed” them to style Maria.

In an Instagram post by celebrity bloggers Maphepha Ndaba, Maria responded to the allegations.

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She posted: “This is a joke. I paid @neilramautar a small fortune to style me this season. I do not know where he gets items from, and as a client, I don’t care. Whatever issues this person has, she should take it up with Neil.”


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On Saturday, Maria spoke out again.

In an IG Story, she said: “I’ve been accused of faking a lifestyle.

“I’m humble. I don’t throw what I do or what I have in people’s faces.

“Maybe I do fake a lifestyle that is below my means,” she laughed, possibly hinting at social media claims she wears fast fashion from Shein and Temu.

“It is what it is. I cannot change public perception. People must do what they want to do.”

According to IOL Lifestyle, Maria claims that there is a “smear campaign” against her.


Meanwhile, Maria responded this week’s RHOD episode in which she was seen lunging at co-star Angel Ndlela.

She said: “Don’t come at me for that last episode. The edit was so bad. I called production the day it happened [and said] that is not what happened

“Please dont think that I am a violent person. The one thing I would never be ok with is being threatened. If you say something, I’m going to stand up for myself.

“I’m not condoning what happened…I just wish the entire scene was played.”


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