‘I can’t afford polygamy at the moment’: Felix Hlophe speaks out


‘I can’t afford polygamy at the moment’: Felix Hlophe speaks out

What started as a joke became something serious after radio personality hinted that he wants to take a second wife. Felix Hlophe, a well-known South African radio personality and comedian, has been making headlines recently due to his ‘plans’ to take a second wife. However, the outspoken Gagasi FM breakfast host and comedian said he is not looking for a second wife.

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Hlophe who has been married to his wife Tracy for six years. Speaking to ZiMoja, Hlope said the whole thing started as a joke and quickly escalated when media outlets picked it up and ran with the story. “This thing was just a joke and suddenly it blew,” he added.

He said his family was greatly affected by the joke especially his wife’s family. “We’ve been getting calls from concerned relatives and our parents, I would like to put it out there that I am not taking a second wife. I am content and happy with my wife.
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According to Hlophe, the situation has also sparked a range of mixed reactions from his fans with some offering their support and others expressing concern and criticising him in response to this news. “Some people have extended their congratulations to me and have expressed their support and approval of the upcoming union and others shock of a union I can assure you will not happen,” he said.
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He told ZiMoja that him and his wife had to deactivate their social media accounts to avoid the ongoing backlash. “We no longer on a social media at the moment, people have become too invested in this thing,” As a Zulu man, the comedian said he is not against the idea of being in a polygamist marriage in future but he can’t afford it at the moment. I can’t afford polygamy at the moment, it is too expensive,” he concluded.


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