‘I don’t know why I was snubbed’: Eeque opens up about Tshwala Bami remix snub


‘I don’t know why I was snubbed’: Eeque opens up about Tshwala Bami remix snub

Amapiano star Eeque is making headlines after he revealed that he doesn’t know why he was snubbed from the Tshwala Bami remix.

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Leago Mogadeni – affectionately known as Eeque is making headlines after he revealed that he was snubbed from their smash hit Tshwala Bami.

No doubt the song has been winning big since it dropped.



Thanks to its great wins on several streaming platforms, the song has quickly become one of the biggest Amapiano songs. TitoM & Yuppe featured S.N.E and Eeque on the smash hit, but Eeque was left out on the remix, leaving many trying to connect the dots about the reasons behind the snub.

TitoM & Yuppe featured Nigerian star Burna Boy on the remix, which has since gained over 1.6 million views on YouTube. Speaking to MacG on Podcast and Chill, Eeque said he doesn’t know why he was snubbed.

However, when the remix was first reported, rumour mill had it that Davido was on the remix, but Burna Boy ended up featuring on the song. The song continues to win on several streaming platforms and has been topping charts in Nigeria.

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Eeque undoubtedly pushed the Tshwala Bami on social media before it blew up. He also has one of the best verses in the song. Many were more than convinced that he deserved to be on the remix.

Eeque’s verse is not the remix. He goes on to reveal that he only knew about the remix after their visit to Nigeria. However, the star also revealed that he spent most of his time performing and pushing the song until it blew up.


Against the snub, he made it known that he would be performing the remix on his shows. However, when asked about the success of the smash hit, Eeque said everything changed in two months, and he will be forever grateful.

The star said he is working on a new project. However, he did not reveal when he would drop off his latest project. This will be his first solo project after dropping the smash hit that has thrust him into the international limelight.

No doubt Mzansi has been trying to connect the dots if he featured any celebrated stars on his project. In the backdrop of his newfound fame, he has headlined several shows across the globe.

However, like the dance challenge, the song has won big on several streaming platforms. Tshwala Bami has since amassed over 18 million views on YouTube and over 15 million streams on Spotify.


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