‘I felt safe’: Inside Lira’s first birthday party after stroke


‘I felt safe’: Inside Lira’s first birthday party after stroke

South African vocalist Lira threw a birthday party for the first time after surviving a stroke and it was lit.

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On 19 March, South African vocalist Lerato Moipone Molapo, famous as Lira, threw her first birthday party after a stroke.

It’s been a tough few years for Lira since she had a stroke that almost left her unable to speak. Surprisingly, Lira has been recovering well and can now talk and sing quite well.


Despite all the positive improvements, it seemed Lira was not yet convinced of her ability to party. She did this to celebrate her 45th birthday, but the feeling afterwards was positive.

Indeed, it was a party full of close people, friends and family, and she felt their warmth and love. After showing the visuals from her birthday party, she left several celebrities happy for her.

Among them was Hulisani Ravele, who penned a lengthy message to the talented vocalist.

“Li, you are light! I always have been and always will be. This is AMAZING! May your 45th chapter continue to testify to Lerato la Modimo for you and us, who are blessed by your gift and your life. I love you. ❤️❤️❤️”

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It was an emotional day for her family and friends as they gathered to listen to Lira again. Indeed, the stroke affected the birthday girl, but she showed that she was not yet finished and even vowed to return.

Singing for her family, lIra smiled, showing how much she enjoyed singing again. She also penned a heartfelt letter to her fans after the birthday party, saying she enjoyed their company and singing.

Besides her singing, it looked like an expensive birthday party that most of her fans could not afford. Sitting at round tables, drinking and eating while some had time networking, it was a day to remember for Lira.


After pulling off such a top birthday party, Lira opened her heart, telling what it meant to her.

“I celebrated my birthday with an intimate party with my friends and family, and I surprised them with a mini-concert!.” said Lira. She went on speaking of how much she felt safe: “I felt safe enough to perform for them – they’ve been with me since I could not speak – and now I performed in English and vernacular -“

“I nailed it!!! It was a proud moment. I’ll not hold back tears … I’ve come a long way. I’m so proud of myself. I can’t wait to sing for you at the #Basslinefest on 25 May 2024 ❤️🙏🏾,” she finished.


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