‘I left sangomahood for motherhood and christianity’ – Brenda Ngxoli.


‘I left sangomahood for motherhood and christianity’ – Brenda Ngxoli.

South African actress and mother of one Brenda Ngxoli has embraced the motherhood journey in the most inspiring way, often sharing pictures of her adorable daughter on her social media platforms, making many females broody when seeing the cute Sky.

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The actor was praised on social media for breastfeeding Sky while live on a television interview and recently praised her daughter for opening her eyes to something major in her life.


In a recent social media post on X (formerly known as Twitter),  the actor who embarked on an ancestral calling called Ubungoma shares her reasons for ditching the practice.

Posting a picture of her daughter, she captioned her post:


“I LEFT Sangomahood for Motherhood and Christianity Thank you @Sky_Ngxoli Your arrival has opened my Eyes and Heart to What is Mine and what should be left for Others to enjoy. Sangomahood is Just Not for Me. I don’t judge but Good Lord knows I was never Meant to Entertain it.”

Internet users were quick to comment on Brenda’s post, with many praising her for her decision, one user added:

Another user asked the former HomeAffairs actor a question, commenting:

One user praised Brenda, commenting:

User @GaaratweMokheth wasn’t happy with the use of Sky’s picture for the post, commenting:


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