“I’m being stalked”: Tammy Taylor accuses Mel and Peet Viljoen.


“I’m being stalked”: Tammy Taylor accuses Mel and Peet Viljoen.

Tammy Taylor made bombshell allegations against ‘Real Housewives van Pretoria’ stars Mel and Peet Viljoen.

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Tammy Taylor, the CEO of American nail brand Tammy Taylor Nails has made shocking allegations against Real Housewives of Pretoria stars Mel and Peet Viljoen via a video shared on TikTok on Thursday 28 March.


CEO of American nail brand Tammy Taylor Nails, Tammy Taylor has claimed that South African reality stars and business owners Mel and Peet Viljoen stole her identity. She went on to claim that they are illegally selling franchises and her products.


Mel and Peet Viljoen are the owners of Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa.

Tammy went on to claim

“Melany and Peet Viljoen from South Africa have stolen my identity. I’m Tammy Taylor, the CEO and founder of Tammy Taylor Nails since 1983. They’re illegally using my name to sell franchises, they’re counterfeiting and selling my products. They have forged my signature on illegal documents and many more infractions have been documented,” she said.

“They are also being deceptive by using my name, my logos, my trademarks, my copyrights on all their social media platforms. I have been threatened, I have been harassed and now I’m being stalked by Melanie and Peet Viljoen’s abuse anymore. I will speak out,” she continued.

@tammytaylornailsMy Official Statement regarding Melany and Peet Viljoen♬ original sound – Tammy Taylor Nails


Both Mel and Peet Viljoen took to Instagram to speak out after the video was released. Peet shared a video of Tammy’s statement with videos of good things she said about them – including calling the Viljoen’s an inspiration.

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“Standing up against betrayal and hypocrisy. No room for contradictions or false idols. It’s time to speak out and demand better,” the post was captioned.

“Tammy loved us when she made 300% profit on the products she never manufactured. She tried to steal our franchisees.Even insisted we buy her a Bentley. Just bitter because her star was put out by Mel. Karma has no menu. You get what you give 🤫,” he wrote in the comments section of the post.

The Real Housewives of Pretoria (RHOPTA) star took to Instagram to state that enough was enough and they would be speaking out.

“Enough is enough. If someone we once idolised turns on us, we won’t stand for it. Public statements often contradict themselves. May God truly help us all. We will speak out too!” she wrote.


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The South African has reached out to Mel Viljoen for comment but no response was received at the time of publishing.


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