‘I’m not Sis Maria’ Former security guard Thato Mashifane


‘I’m not Sis Maria’ Former security guard Thato Mashifane

Former security guard and viral content creator, Thato Mashifane says he’s just playing the ‘Sis Maria’ character.

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Comedian and actor Thato Mashifane discusses his struggles with fame and his popular TikTok character, Sis Maria.


Zimoja reports that Thato Mashifane says he’s struggling with people who are unable to differentiate between him and his Sis Maria character.


Mashifane revealed in a video on his TikTok account that he’s never been on stage as himself and it’s not fair. This comes after he shared a video of himself out of character and received criticism.

“It’s not fair. I’ve never been on stage as myself. I understand that because the time has not yet arrived. People were criticising me and saying I have to stick to Maria otherwise I’m going to lose followers.”

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The comedian, who gained fame for his devious, witchy character has been booked to attend events and to host at parties.

Mashifane, who currently has more than one million followers on TikTok added that he would like to share other dimensions of his life.

“I have to be Maria every day whether I like it or not and that’s not possible. You never see Tyler Perry being Madea every day. I am not Maria; I’m just playing the character.”

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Bona reports that the Limpopo-born actor began his skits after he lost his security guard job due to an ancestral calling in 2022.


@TheRoyalVisions: “The problem is his lack of creative to fully develop that character which it was one trick pony into fame. He should work on character management, develop other characters within Sis’ Maria. That’s what artists means being creative with strict management or else talent dies.”

@PostiveImpact89: “This man should simply stop wearing a dress. Maybe then he’ll be fine.”

@like_confettii: “Was he forced to play the character? Isn’t it of his own making?”

@Constitution_94: “Hasn’t learnt from others that it takes forever to replace Archie Moroka from Sello?”

@SavannahSamas: “Is this the part where you make us feel like you a celebrity? We must give u space! Aii maan be yourself, give yourself time, most importantly learn to say no!”


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