‘I’m old school’: Cardi B endorses 50/50 in relationships


‘I’m old school’: Cardi B endorses 50/50 in relationships

‘People are out of touch with reality. Your parents worked and helped each other,’ said rapper Cardi B about relationships and going 50/50.

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International musician Cardi B recently left social media users buzzing after sharing her thoughts on relationships and how bills should be split. According to Cardi, she believes strongly in splitting things 50/50 with her partner.

The rapper shared how it is unfair for women to expect men to foot all of the bills and still build homes and businesses.


As expected, her sentiments sparked a fierce debate among women who believe it is man’s duty to protect and provide.


Years ago, many women fought valiantly for equality in the world. While things aren’t 100% fair these days, the world has evolved quite a bit.

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Now that men and women are making almost the same money, it would appear, many women still believe that men should be taking the tradional roles as “providers.”

This means having men foot the bill for dates, vacations and even running the household.

In fact, one South African social media user, known only as Mrs White, found herself trending after she shared how she only dates men who pay for things and send her money.


According to super-rich American rapper Cardi B, women like Mrs White are being pretty unreasonable.

The Bodak Yellow hitmaker recently shared in a video how she believes that women and men should be splitting bills equally.

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“If you and your man make the same amount of money but only he pays all the bills, how are you going to save up for a house or a business? Because he isn’t going to afford it. Some things need you guys to work together.

She also added how most people who don’t believe in 50/50 are “out of touch with reality.”

“People are out of touch with reality. Your parents worked and helped each other; you’re acting like that never happened. If we want to grow, let’s go half and half; it’s not a one-way street. I’m old school.”


Needless to say, X users shared their thoughts on the matter.

“I completely agree, and I don’t mind going 50/ 50 with my man, especially when we are working towards a better life; some women are missing it.”

Another pointed out how she raps about not dating broke men and expecting money when she dates someone.

“Do you know what I hate about Cardi B? Her music always contradicts her personal life/ politics/ views.”


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