“I’m Trying My Best Not to Commit Suic!de”: Dineo Ranaka contemplates suic!de.


“I’m Trying My Best Not to Commit Suic!de”: Dineo Ranaka contemplates suic!de.


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“I’m Trying My Best Not to Commit Suicide”: South Africa Rallies Behind Dineo Ranaka Amid Sucidal Social Media Posts

Self-proclaimed “empire architect”, business woman, and radio personality Dineo Ranaka had her followers wrapped in anxiety after posting a series of disturbing post. Early Tuesday (23 May 2023) morning, Ranaka shared three posts on Instagram which alluded to her not being in a good space mentally.

Posted alongside the caption of a lone lit candle, the first post says: “I completely understand souls/spirits/people that commit suicide. I get it. I get them.”


The second post touched on her trying to fight the urge to take her own life, and how difficult life has been for her. “Because I’m trying my best to NOT commit suicide.
DineoRanaka @ Moratoa Twitter

Because my mind is sooooooo loud of late and life is fucking HARD, so fucking hard, and I’m trying my best but it seems my best is not enough,” said the second post.

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The third one contained a collection of crying emojis and the words: “My children, God. Abantwana bami.” The star has openned up about struggling with depression, stress, and anxiety over the past three years in a series of pinned posts that are still up on her Instagram account.

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Her fellow country people have been supportive amid her pleas of desperation, with many sharing heartfelt words of support on Twitter.


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