Imbewu actor Mduduzi Nombela is off the market.


Imbewu actor Mduduzi Nombela is off the market.

Nombela, best known for his role as Phunyuka in the TV soap opera Imbewu, allegedly paid Lobola for his long-term partner from Mzimkhulu, KZN.

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According to sources, it wasn’t simply lobola, but Mduduzi went above and beyond.

“He was supposed to pay 11 cows, but he went above and beyond and paid additional cows.” Mduduzi adores his wife and will go to any length to please her. That’s why, when he went to pay lobola, he made sure his in-laws didn’t protest,” stated one insider.


Another said Mduduzi was present when his uncles went for the lobola negotiations.

“Normally, during the negotiations, the groom should not get involved, but Mduduzi participated because he didn’t want to leave room for any mistake. It is not that he didn’t trust his uncles; he wanted to make sure his in-laws were satisfied and a good relationship between the two families was built,” said that source.

Mduduzi disclosed that he had paid Lobola.

“This is a personal and family matter. It has nothing to do with my craft as an artist. So, as much as I confirm I paid lobola, I can’t give further details about it,” he said.

The actor, who is so smitten with his love, went against traditional protocols and was involved in his own lobola negotiations.

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Usually, the lobola negotiations are conducted by the groom’s uncles. However, Mdudzu Nombela went against tradition and was involved in the negotiations, as he wanted everything to go off perfectly with no room for mistakes.

Mduduzi Nombela, 46, has starred in a number of TV dramas and series. In Life in the City, directed by his high school teacher Bab’ Gumede, he made his cinematic debut as a little child, Menthi.


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