In One Week, Penny Ntuli Had Two Car Accidents.


In One Week, Penny Ntuli Had Two Car Accidents.

According to Penny Ntuli, a broadcaster on Jozi FM radio, she was involved in two different car accidents within the span of only one week. Both of these unfortunate events occurred simultaneously.

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Penny Ntuli certainly caught everyone’s attention when she shared the surprising news of her involvement in not just one, but two car accidents. Penny Ntuli caused quite a stir when she shared a photo of her unfortunate encounter with a damaged BMW. The image left netizens feeling a bit uneasy, as they urged her to exercise caution in the future.

The car accident that occurred on the Gauteng N3, Ntuli stated that in seven years on the road, she had never been in an accident. Two incidents ruined her fancy BMW, much to her disappointment.


She wrote: “In my seven years of driving, I’ve never caused an accident or have ever been involved in one, but this is now beyond me. Last night, as I was parking my car in the yard, I heard a car going in the opposite direction. I tried pressing the brakes and pulling the handbrake, but the car hit a wall and got damaged in the same spot as yesterday’s accident. This car needs to go back home. No way!”

Photo of Penny Ntuli’s wrecked car was posted on the internet. A wooden log that had fallen from the back of a truck was the starting point for the first  incident that occurred on Sunday.

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People on the internet are worried about Ntuli, and as a result, they are urging her to behave cautiously when driving and to determine whether or not there is a shadowy cloud that is looming over her.

Ntuli recently became an internet sensation when her clash with her former employer, Gagasi FM, over inadequate compensation created quite a stir on social media.

After leaving Gagasi FM, Zwakele Mncwango, the chairperson of ActionSA KwaZulu-Natal, extended a job offer to her in the private sector. However, it seems that she rejected the opportunity. She made the bold decision to relocate to Johannesburg in pursuit of a fresh opportunity at Jozi FM, where she has successfully landed a job.


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