‘I’ve got to bring you to Miami’- Rick Ross to Nadia Nakai [watch]


‘I’ve got to bring you to Miami’- Rick Ross to Nadia Nakai [watch]

Rapper and reality television star Nadia ‘Bragga’ Nakai recently went live with American rapper Rick Ross on her Instagram in a conversation that led to the Zimbabwean-South African rapper receiving an invitation to go to Miami.

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It is good to see Nadia excited about life after losing her boyfriend Kiernan Forbes early last year when he was gunned down in Durban along with his close friend Tebello Motsoane.


A clip of the Instagram live video was shared by news medium MDN news on their social media page X, formerly known as Twitter where Bragga was telling the Austin Martin music hitmaker that he needs to visit Cape Town giving reference to it as similar to Miami.

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“There’s like so many clubs there, but before that, we have to go to Bungalow, Caprice and just be right by the beach and just like take sundowner shots and see the babes. It serves Miami, I haven’t been to Miami but Cape Town record pieces. It serves Cape Town energy with just warmth.”


An excited Rick Ross responded by saying, “I got’a bring you to Miami then, you gotta come to Miami. We gotta do it big, club level, club live. You  know all we drink up here is little Belair Miami we going to club all you gotta see is the gold bottles,  pink bottles the black bottles.”

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The Naaa Meaan hitmaker flexed a bit commenting, “I sure have the pink (referring to a bottle of champaign), because my jewellery and my Rolex is serving pink.”

An impressed Rick asked, “What amazing producers can we shout out coz we want to collaborate and do some major collabs? I wanna help and show them, introduce to the world on this side.”



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