Jee Molly threatens to commit suicide and says that only Chamisu can save him.


Jee Molly threatens to commit suicide and says that only Chamisu can save him.

After jumping on an Instagram Live on Thursday night, South African rapper J Molley had fans worried.

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The video showed the 25-year-old at an unknown location surrounded by bottles of alcohol and fizzy drinks. He holds up a container of what appears to be pain pills and shows it to the camera before swallowing them with a mouthful of cooldrink.


The Seven Bottles rapper released the music video for his latest hit Life or Death a few days ago, with the song getting positive reviews.

Many fans thought J had turned over a new leaf after his battle with drug addiction, leading to a seven-month hiatus. He revealed to Drum Magazine that he had been battling the addiction since age 14.

His latest video caused concern among his fans and thousands of X users (formerly Twitter) who took to the app following a cryptic post about his fractured relationship with his father.

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A few hours later, J’s IG Live showed him taking the pills which caused more alarm.

While others called for the rapper to seek help, some online trolls bullied him, causing J to lash out: “Look At All The Jokes. You Wonder Why I’m About To Be Dead? it’s Not Hard To Figure Out. As A Human That Has An IQ Of 156 Mensa Certified, I Have To Live Amongst These People With IQ’s Of 80.”

The X posts continued, from saying he didn’t realise it would be his last day to mentioning his ex-girlfriend Shamiso Mosaka. J also wrote a long text to his niece.

The MTV Base presenter previously revealed she had been struggling with her mental health. Known for her assortment of tattoos, Shamiso said her first one was meant to be a cover-up for the scars left on her arm due to self-harming, Tshisa Live reported.

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