Jelly Babie apologises and books cashier on one-woman show.


Jelly Babie apologises and books cashier on one-woman show.

Why Pretoria-based TikToker Jelly Babie apologised to Martha, the cashier, and booked her on her one-woman show.

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Bacardi dancer Jelly Babie has apologised and booked Martha, the cashier as MC at her one-woman show.


Kasi Economy reports on X that Jelly Babie has booked Martha, the cashier from Big Save, to serve as the MC for her one-woman show.


The Tiktoker and Bacardi singer trended on X this week when she landed herself in hot water after she insulted the cashier.

According to X users, she lost followers on TikTok; brands pulled out because of the viral video with the cashier.

Jelly Babie then went back to the retailer to apologise to Martha, the cashier and the whole Big Save workers.

SwisherPost reveals that Jelly Babie is scheduled to host her one-woman show at Bundu Inn in May 2024.


Jelly Babie, real name Karabo Khakhu is a TikTok influencer and Bacardi dancer and singer.

The Pretoria-based dancer became popular after Bacardi King, Itumeleng “Vusi Ma R5″ Mosoeu’s death in January 2023.

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Khakhu confirmed in an interview on Culture Spotlight that she got her big break in the music industry through Mosoeu.

TshisaLIVE reported in November 2023 that Mosoeu’s passing caused a lot of attention to be focused on her at school. She also reveals in the interview that teachers used to comment on her going to gigs so she decided to leave school.

“Honestly speaking I left school after Vusi R5’s funeral. When I got to school people kept telling me how sorry they were, asking me about R5 and I couldn’t concentrate at school. The teachers would call me into the staff room asking me about R5, how I’m healing … even the treatment I was getting,” she said.

She also says she’d never been absent from school before quitting because Vusi Ma R5 made sure she attended all her classes.

She’s reportedly collaborated with artists such as Pabi Cooper and DJ Uncle Waffles and revealed at the time that she was going back to school in January 2024 through homeschooling instead.


@EKhoetsa: “True meaning of people meet by different encounters. Maybe Jelly Babie was sent by God to uplift Sesi Martha.”

@Donjon40925310: “What if the tickets where not selling and this was a marketing strategy to get the tickets high.”

@AfroNeneBae: “Watch Martha become a celebrity. Next year she’ll be on Real Housewives.”

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@Sanza_Mchunu279: “Someone should accidentally hold her accountable for her actions at this event. Mistakes happen after all.”

@MMuvhumbe: “So meant it when she said, ‘she can pay her’”.

@AustineMsagala: “Might’ve been recommended by her manager or advisors. But at least she’s trying. She really wants those sponsors and followers back.”

@gaselanonto: “She is sincerely sorry; we learn through our mistakes. They must start their Martha and Jelly Babie company.”

@masipa_tshepiso: “Grace locate. Here it was teaching mamas constrain and forgiveness. Martha to the top.”



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