Jesse Suntel and his wife are expecting a baby.


Jesse Suntel and his wife are expecting a baby.

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Former Rhythm City actor Jesse Suntele and his wife Thuthu Maqhosha announced on their Instagram account in a colabo post that they are expecting their first child.


Jesse is best known for his role as Mzii on the cancelled soap opera Rhythm City, and he is one of the actors who has been most questioned about whether he is married in real life.

In a post shared on Instagram, the actor looks so happy to announce the news, and his wife is heavily pregnant. The two didn’t reveal if they already had a baby, but with the look of the pregnancy, they might expect the newborn anytime soon.


Rapper and actor Jesse Suntele has made it known he is smitten with publicist Thuthu Maqhosha. In an episode of Defining Love, Jesse gushed over his relationship with his bae, saying he had finally come to understand what love is.

He said he first spotted his partner at the gym and started communicating via DMs on social media. Although the actor admits to having ulterior motives, Jesse said he was captured by Thuthu’s tenacity among other things.

“I’ve learnt two things about this relationship over the past three years. One, if your relationships don’t have challenges, you’re in trouble.

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“The second thing I’ve learnt through her is that I don’t think I knew, in all my past relationships, what love really was. And this is no offence to all my exes or anything like that, but this is it.”

Gushing over her beau on their relationship anniversary, Thuthu said she felt the actor had made her believe in love again.

“Thank you for making me believe in love again. For making it so comfortable to fall hard. You are the man I prayed for and I pray God strengthens our union even more. In a tricky life I found peace with you. I love you Baba,” she wrote.


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