Jesse Suntele and partner welcome their first baby


Jesse Suntele and partner welcome their first baby

‘Savage Beauty’ actor Jesse Suntele and his partner, Thuthu Maqhosha, have announced the arrival of their baby after losing one twin.

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Rapper and actor Jesse Suntele and his partner, Thuthu Maqhosha, are first-time parents to a baby boy.

The couple announced the arrival of their bundle of joy on Instagram on Tuesday, 26 March.



In a lengthy post on the social media platform, accompanied by a series of images, Thuthu looked back at their pregnancy journey and the pain of losing one of their twins.

“Glory be to God and our ancestors. We found out so late that we are pregnant. A bitter sweet moment when we were told it was twins and only one survived. I had such mixed emotions, do I mourn or celebrate? Also why?” she wrote.


However, the artist manager said that Jesse was supportive through it all. The couple had lost their first baby in 202.

“My husband made me realise there was more to celebrate, we are parents to two angels and one beautiful baby boy. He further helped me embrace the journey and convinced me to do a shoot and have a baby shower. All I’ve ever wanted is to be pregnant and have seven babies, and when we lost Pandora in 2020 the thought of trying again was the most scariest thing.

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“Falling pregnant seemed so far-fetched but God and our ancestors knew the perfect time and when it arrived they blessed us because he alone is God. Thank you to our friends and family for the love and endless support. Thank you to our three beautiful babies for choosing us. Baby Baba is healthy and beautiful. Guys he has a dimple. Those who know me know my obsession. Now here is to being Mr and Mrs Mokoka. “

In another post on her Instagram stories she revealed that his names are Emihle Enzo Rapelang Mokoka.


During their viral episode on YouTube podcast show, Defining Love, Jesse – who has had roles in The Queen and Savage Beauty – reveled that he had spotted Thuthu at the gym before making his move. He then started communicating with her via DMs on social media

“I’ve learnt two things about this relationship over the past three years. One, if your relationships don’t have challenges, you’re in trouble.

“The second thing I’ve learnt through her is that I don’t think I knew, in all my past relationships, what love really was. And this is no offence to all my exes or anything like that, but this is it.”


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