John Cena hitmaker: Where is Sho Madjozi now?


John Cena hitmaker: Where is Sho Madjozi now?

Dubbed one of the best stars to ever come from SA, Sho Madjozi disappeared from the spotlight against the backdrop of her newfound fame. Where is she now?

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Despite her newfound fame, singer Maya Christinah Xichavo Wegrif, best known as Sho Madjozi, disappeared from the spotlight, leaving many to guess her whereabouts.

No doubt Sho Madjozi had her shot to fame in 2019 with her smash hit John Cena. Her smash hit saw her headlining several shows across the globe and won her several awards.



Against her newfound fame, Sho Madjozi shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Jay-Z, Beyonce and Chris Martin. Despite the song’s success, she appeared on several shows, including The Kelly Clarkson Show.

During the show, she had the opportunity to rub shoulders with celebrated wrestler John Cena, who made a surprise guest appearance. The two shared some lighter moments.

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However, despite having released a few tracks, Sho Madjozi has yet to drop another banger since 2019. Little is known if she has another project on the cards. Sho Madjozi hasn’t been releasing that much of late.

Her absence from the musical scene has left many wondering about her whereabouts. The star hasn’t shared much about her music in recent months. However, Sho Madjozi has been making money moves.

She reportedly has a braids line under her name, and several celebrities, including Lady Du, have been supporting her. Sho Majozi also wrote a children’s book. It is reportedly available in selected bookstores.

The BET award-winning singer has been active on her social media and often posts priceless moments. A few weeks ago, Sho Madjozi was trending against the backdrop of her birthday. She recently turned 32.


However, her disappearance from the spotlight has often led to her being labelled an industry project or plant. According to reports, an industry plant is a musician who becomes popular through their connections to the music industry yet presents themselves as independent and self-made.

Rumour Mill has it that she was thrust into the limelight because of her management, which plugged her into some of the biggest music companies in the world. Several podcasters, including MacG, have echoed these sentiments.

Undoubtedly, Sho Madjozi is not the only star that has been reported to be an industry plant. South African star Tyla is also said to be an industry plant. No doubt she has been winning big.

As of 2024, she is the biggest music star from South Africa. Her smash hit Water has won her awards, including the prestigious Grammy Award.



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