John Steenhuisen’s wife shares pride: ‘Made for a time like this’.


John Steenhuisen’s wife shares pride: ‘Made for a time like this’.

John Steenhuisen’s wife Terry has praised the DA leader for ‘helping South Africans change the course of our future’..



John Steenhuisen

John Steenhuisen’s wife, Terry, has expressed her pride and joy at her partner’s accomplishments in the Democratic Alliance (DA) following South Africa’s general elections last week.


The opposition party clinched over 3 million votes and almost 22 % in the polls, making them the second-leading party in the country.

John and Terry wed a decade ago and have a young daughter together.


In several Instagram posts, John Steenhuisen’s wife praised the 48-year-old for his leadership in the DA.

She captioned an image of the political party leader, “He was made for such a time as this.”

In another, she added: “What a time it is, and I get to be by your side by JHS.”

In a third, Terry assured South Africans that a vote for the DA would “help change the course of our future as a nation.”

This year, Terry and John Steenhuisen will celebrate ten years of marriage.

DA leader John Steenhuisen and his second wife Terry

Before he wed Terry in 2014, John was married to Julie Steenhuisen from 2000 -2010.

In 2010, the Witness reported that John engaged in an extra-marital affair with Terry, who was a media liaison officer in KwaZulu-Natal at the time.

Terry was also married to DA provincial director Michael Beaumont, who is now a member of Action SA.


In a tweet from his official X account, John Steenhuisen hailed the 2024 elections as “a new chapter for SA.”

The DA leader also claimed that they would work hard to avoid a “doomsday coalition.”

In an official address over the weekend, he said, “The DA’s Federal Executive has unanimously adopted a resolution to initiate exploratory talks with other political parties that share a commitment to the South African Constitution to identify options for the formation of governments at the national and provincial level where no party has obtained an outright majority.

“The purpose of these initial talks is to gather information on the options that are available to the DA as we seek to rescue South Africa.

“This talented and experienced team will report back to myself and to the Federal Executive, where after the party will decide on the way forward.”


Who is John Steenhuisen’s wife, Terry? Here are five facts about the potential future first lady of South Africa.

  • She’s deeply involved in charity work. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is an NPO and Organisational Consultant.
  • She loves horse riding, reading, and enjoying a glass of wine.
  • Terry has a great relationship with her stepdaughters, John’s children from his first marriage.
  • Her nickname for John Steenhuisen is “Steeny” or “JHS”
  • She has a tattoo of the African continent on her torso.


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