Jub Jub threatens to shut down Woolworths stores, gets trolled.

Jub Jub threatens to shut down Woolworths stores, gets trolled.

‘Thinks he’s God’: Jub Jub has been thoroughly roasted by netizens after he threatened to shut down Woolworths with one word.

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South African musician Molemo Katleho Maarohanye — known by his fans as Jub Jub — is famous for presenting reality TV show Uyajola 99. The TV star has gained quite the reputation as a presenter and is loved by those who enjoy the Mojo Love production. It would appear, however, that all of the show’s success has gone to his head after he headed online to threaten retail giant Woolworths.

The post, which was shared on his Instagram account, has since been mocked by social media users who believe that Jub Jub has grown a big head.


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South African media personality Jub Jub is being dragged on social media again. This after he threatened to end Woolworths.

Taking to his Instagram Stories, the TV presenter shared a strict warning with the retail company.

In his post, he stated how one word from him would shut the store and all its chains down.

Woolworths DON’T PLAY WITH I’LL SPEAK ONCE and all your stores will be closed…..ANEVA
ANEVA ANEVA ANEVA. Engaka!!!!!! Sies masepa alona

Take a look below:


In the comment section, many laughed at the fact that Jub Jub believes he could shut down an establishment as big and successful as Woolworths.

Others wondered out loud what the beef is about. Here are some of those comments:

“How is Jub jub planning to close Woolworths…hope he has deep pockets.” one person said while another wrote:

“Jub Jub can be a boss at Uyajola 9.9 but NOT at Woolworths”

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