K.O talks about why there are no artists on his record label


K.O talks about why there are no artists on his record label

Recently, the only two artists left at Skhanda World parted ways with the record label. Rapper and record label boss K.O explains why.

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Rapper and businessman K.O – real name Ntokozo Mdluli – has revealed in an interview with ZiMoja that there are no artists left at his record label, Skahanda World, after two musicians recently left.


Rappers Loki and Roiii announced a few weeks ago that they have parted ways with Skhanda World.


“As it stands, I am the only arts left,” K.O said.

“We had gotten into a partnership with Universal Music Group (UMG) as a joint venture. They were fronting 50% of everything that had to do with the business, and they wanted to see results but unfortunately, some of the music and stuff that came out was not yielding the results that both anticipated.”

Last year, Just Bheki, MaE and MrX also announced their departures.

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“We felt maybe the artists would do well at another label. We didn’t want to hold anyone back from thriving elsewhere and that is what happened,” K.O added.

The S.E.T.E hitmaker explained that his partnership with UMG is still in place. He, however, explained that the other artists they had signed did not bring the investment.

“They were not bringing the investment. So, Just Bheki, MaE, MrX, Loki, Roiii were the last ones to leave.”


Early this month, Roiii announced that he had left Skhanda World. He had joined the label in 2020.

“After careful consideration, together we would love to formally make news about the parties (Skhanda World & Roii) having come to the end of their collaborative agreement.

“After much success during our contractual agreement, we came to a mutual understanding and no animosity is shared. We would love to thank the ‘citizens and Rillas’ for all the love and support, it need not stop now. This is not the end of the brotherhood but an opportunity for individual growth.”

Last year, he thanked K.O for changing his life.

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“From the moment K.O signed me, my life has been an escalation. A debut with Kwesta, a debut single with Focalistic, a follow up single La Vida Loca (Undeniable), debut EP with Cassper and Emtee.

“K.O I humbly and publicly want to appreciate you, big dawg! I am living out my dreams.”


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