‘Kaf*ir me*t’: Brenda Ngxoli claims David James was racist on set.


‘Kaf*ir me*t’: Brenda Ngxoli claims David James was racist on set.

‘If anything happens to me or my child, David James is his name,’ says terrified actress Brenda Ngxoli on social media.

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Former The River actress Brenda Ngxoli accuses former 7de Laan actor David James of being racist towards her on set.


The award-winning actress Brenda Ngxoli alleges actor David James called her “kaf*ir” while they were working on a film together.


The actress says on X: “Hey, Jou, Kaffir Meit ” he said to me on the set of Sew the Winter to My Skin. If anything happens to me and my child. David James is his name. I can today talk about these events because I never signed the contract nor the non-disclosure addendum that followed.”

“No production lawyers were able to force me. Even the withholding of my remuneration did not make me cave. Payment was made way, way, way. Months on end later. Without me following it up. Like I said then to you @laylaswart: I will not be silenced.”

“When I had struggled that December following the shoot, broke as hell. It is today I was struggling for; David James is his name.”

Ngxoli adds that Layla Swart is a producer from the film, Sew the Winter to My Skin, where James was allegedly racist towards her.


The award-winning actress Brenda Ngxoli and the former Isidingo actor David James worked together on the 2018 film titled, Sew the Winter to my Skin.

Ngxoli also reveals on her Instagram that she predicts her remuneration was released months later as punishment for not wanting to sign a non-disclosure contract.

She adds: “Guess it was my punishment for not wanting to sign a contract with a clause that would prohibit me from ever sharing this moment. We had shot towards the end of the year. So, I spent December dry. Serves me right, someone must have thought. I was even surprised to see that my “difficult” self-had made it to the final cut.”

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“Kwaa since I smelt the launch from whatever whole people had most probably hoped of crept in. But then no one would ever share how I had been the only one to raise alarm that the fellow Canadian actor was left behind in the burning house in that scene.”

“Where the cops come burn my characters house was being burnt, Brenda is all bad and difficult they’ll most probably lament. Oh, and how it was twisted that I had made moves on a fellow male actor after I’d allerted that he’d fondled my thighs during a scene.”

“Let’s just say, production always sided with them perpetrators. It’s ok that I was not invited to the launch and remunerated later, later, way later on for I still have my freedom of speech.”

IMDB reports that Ngxoli portrayed the role of Mole, while James played the character of Frontiersman on the 2018 film.


Former Rhythm City actress Samkelo Ndlovu responded to Ngxoli’s post and comforted the actress: “Brenda this is terrible to hear, I’m sorry you were subjected to this. I’m also sorry for how it made you feel. Racism cannot go unpunished – @effsouthafrica @julius.malema.sello please assist.”

Entertainment commentator @Jabu_Macdonald says: “He better not get gigs again after this post.”

A follower of the actress @krugersville says: “He’s very racist this guy, I once saw him at Checkers, and I asked for space he said, “nkosiyam msunu wakhe.”

@TumiGabuza: “That is disgusting there are still people in 2024 still call each other with those words.”

The South African couldn’t get ahold of Mr David James at the time of publishing this story. We also contacted Ms Layla Swart for a comment on Monday.


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